“Rooted in Earth and connected with the sky” is another way of describing the aim of the taiji practice.

The Taiji traditional ancient practice is a way to self-awareness. It is a doorway to a more relaxed, present and energized state of being.

What to expect

The main goal of the lesson is to give the opportunity to everyone who wishes to do so, to directly experience the benefits of these ancients and deep practices.


As general reference this is how the lesson is structured- breathing exercises
– Stretching/Energetic practices
– Grounding/rooting exercises
– Taiji Chen Style
– Meditation practices


I graduated in Political Sciences in Rome and worked as a journalist around the world. I then went back to Italy and worked as a communication expert.
My passion and love for martial arts, taiji and meditation changed my life.
I now teach as a way to share this passion and as a way to learn even more out of it.